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Anhui Xujing New- Material Powder Science & Technology Co., Ltd., a “New High-Tech Enterprise” located in Jinshan Industry Zone, Shunan, Tongling City, mainly engaged in the R&D and production of non-ferrous metal powderIn company, a “Doctor Station” was established with PM speciality of Heifei University of Technology. With great strength in…
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    Intermediate Frequency furnace flue dust absorption device
    A method for the production of water atomized copper powder during the dewatering device
    A process for producing copper alloy powders IF furnace
    A method for producing metal powder high frequency furnace insulation
    One kind of mist Preparation of copper alloy powders by atomizing device
    Preparation Method A mist atomizing copper bucket
    One kind of mist production of copper alloy powder production system
    A method of producing metal powder by spray molten metal flow in turn means
    A water atomized powder in the process of producing metal spray atomization process
    Preparation Method A mist of copper alloy powders furnace smelting process
    One kind of mist production with copper antioxidant compound
    A process for producing copper alloy powders mist technology improved method
    High-tech business
    Dr. Workstation
    Invention patent certificate
    ISO quality system standards certification
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